Delta E Instruments LLC is a partnership that joins seasoned optics experts with a team of veterans from the computer accessories industry.

The optics experts had previously developed scanners, cameras, displays and related software for companies such as Eastman Kodak, Apple, XRite, Barco, and Minolta.  They generated numerous patents involving optical technology -- and in recent years they have been granted patents now being commercialized by Delta E Instruments.

The computer accessories team founded Keyspan in 1995 and sold this business to TrippLite in 2008.  While running Keyspan they engineered, manufactured and marketed remotes controls and USB attached communications accessories. They shipped more than two million units into markets worldwide -- and provided products to companies such as Lantronix and Apple on an OEM basis.

This blend of expertise enables Delta E Instruments to deliver sophisticated optical devices with world class electronics circuit design, firmware and drivers.

We will work via our Channel Partners to deliver color and light measurement solutions with market-altering function vs cost metrics.

As happened in the GPS market, we believe the keys to growing the color and light measurement business will be:

  • • delivering highly functional devices at affordably low price points, and

  • • embedding light measurement subsystems within mass market devices.

We are well equipped to help drive this trend -- and are eager to do so.

  • Dr. Ed Granger  -   A founder and a Managing Member of Delta E Instruments, Dr Granger is also CEO of IQ Colour.  He was previously a professor at the RIT School of Printing, Management and Sciences, and a color scientist at the Eastman Kodak Company and at XRite.   His research has resulted in more than 40 patents and over 80 technical publications.

  • Mike Ridenhour  -   An early employee at America Online -- participated in developing and launching the AOL service in 1989.  He founded Keyspan in 1995 and served as its President for 13 years.  A founder and a current Managing Member of Delta E Instruments.  Graduate of the University of California, Davis (BS) and the Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley (MBA).